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Price Match

Our Price Match Guarantee 

If you find a diamond with the same specifications from another retailer for a lower price, we will match the price.

To inquire about a price match, please email

Terms and Conditions:

1. The competitor's diamond must have identical specifications to our diamond. It must have the same shape, carat weight, color, clarity, and cut.

2. A Mined Diamond will only be price matched with another Mined Diamond, and a Lab Diamond will only be priced matched with another Lab Diamond.

3. The competitors diamond must currently be available for purchase and in stock at a lower price, at the time you request a price match.

4. The competitor's diamond must have a grading report from an accredited lab.

5. Our price match applies to diamonds that are listed and in stock on

6. Our price match only applies before you purchase your diamond from - you may not price match after you purchase one of our diamonds.

7. To qualify for our price match guarantee, you must be able to provide 1) a link to, or a copy of, the grading report for the competitors diamond 2) a link to the competitors website offer for the diamond, or a published offer of the price .

8. To qualify for our price match guarantee, the competitor's price must be easily available to the public, and cannot be a special discounted price.