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Mined vs. Lab Diamonds

We at Valor Diamonds believe that a Lab Diamond is the right choice for your engagement ring. Both of our founders that proposed selected a Lab Diamond for their rings!

Is a Lab Diamond a real Diamond?

Yes! Lab Diamonds have the exact same chemical makeup and structure as a Mined Diamond. Lab Diamonds consist of only carbon atoms.The only difference is a Mined Diamond was formed under the Earth's crust by natural processes, and a Lab Diamond was created by duplicating similar temperate and pressure conditions in a lab.

Can you tell the difference between a Lab Diamond and a Mined Diamond?

No! Not even an expert gemologist can tell the difference between a lab diamond and a mined diamond. Why ? They are both 100% real diamonds.

Is a Lab Diamond the same Cubic Zirconia (CZ)?

No! Cubic Zirconia contains zero Carbon, and is a much cheaper, softer material than a Lab Diamond. CZ does not refract light as well, and looks visually less brilliant than a Lab Diamond. CZ is also easier to scratch or damage.

The Benefits of buying a Lab Diamond:

Lab Diamonds are less expensive.

Lab Diamonds are less expensive than Mined diamonds due to the heavy land and labor cost associated with mining. You can purchase a Lab Diamond with the same specifications of a Mined Diamond for a lower cost, or you can spend the same amount of money to get a larger and/or higher quality Diamond.

Lab Diamonds are better for the environment.

To produce 1 Carat, Mined Diamonds require about 126 gallons of water and produce about 125 pounds of carbon emissions.
Lab Diamonds require about 18 gallons of water and produce around 6 pounds of carbon emissions per Carat.

The diamond mining process has several negative environmental impacts, and most mines are in impoverished counties and areas such as: Botswana, Namibia, Sierra Leona, and Zimbabwe.

Diamond mines create soil erosion and can cause river pollution, which often destroys fertile farmland, hurting nearby communities. Mining companies often dam rivers when creating and expanding mines, which can destabilize entire ecosystems and displace wildlife populations.

Lab Diamond Certification

Lab Diamonds are certified and graded using the same standards as Mined Diamonds. There are several credited, independent laboratories that certify Lab Diamonds.

With a Lab Diamond, you can be even more certain of it's origin than a Mined Diamond. Not all, but some Mined Diamonds are smuggled and traded illegally, especially in countries with lots of conflict, and the origin reported is not always accurate.

Valor Lab Diamonds

Our Head Gemologist sources only the highest quality certified Lab Diamonds for our inventory. The majority of our Lab Diamonds are made in the United States and are crafted by some of the worlds best Diamond cutters.

If you have any additional questions about which type of Diamond is right for you, schedule a consultation with one of our diamond experts.