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About Us

Our mission:

To help make proposing easy, fun, and one of the best memories of your life.

What Valor Means to Us?

Valor (English): great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle.
Valor (Spanish): Value

We are life-long friends from Houston, Texas. Two of our founders, Michael and Nick, both bought their engagement rings from the third founder, Joe, when he worked at a large traditional retailer. After we both proposed and talked to Joe about the process, we knew their had to be a better and more simple way.

We started Valor to provide people just like us with high quality, independently certified diamonds at the lowest prices in the industry. We believe having Valor is to have courage, to take the leap, to put your self out there and ask the big question. Having Valor is saying yes to the one you love, because the risk and the commitment is worth it.

Our story is your story.

Our Founders:

Joseph Turnbull:

Joseph Turnbull - Valor Diamonds

Joe is our resident diamond expert and Head Gemologist. If you have any question about diamonds, Joe will know the answer. As a top salesperson at a traditional diamond retailer for over 8 years, Joe saw first-hand how customers were being taken advantage of in pricing to cover high overhead expenses. Impassioned to make a difference and provide greater quality and value to diamond customers, Joe launched Valor Diamonds with his two of his best friends Nick Soliz and Michael Holeman. The rest was history. In his free time Joe enjoys trading sports cards, playing poker, playing old school Nintendo games, fantasy football, and dominating in Pop-A-Shot at bars across Houston.

Joe has always had a great eye for design and sold both Nick and Michael lab engagement rings made by the same designer for their wives!

Nick Soliz:

Nick is our digital, marketing, and web guru. Nick Proposed to his wife, Jayna, in the back wine room of a local Italian market in Dallas (Jimmy's Food Store), where they go on Friday's to sip wine as they shop to buy ingredients that nights dinner. When he's not launching marketing campaigns and doing data analysis, Nick enjoys reading, cooking and making cocktails for family and friends, doing fantasy football auction draft analysis, playing board games, taking walks at the lake, and traveling.

Nick Soliz - Valor Diamonds

Michael Holeman:

Michael Holeman - Valor Diamonds

Michael Holeman is a CPA based in Seattle, Washington with 8+ years of accounting, finance, audit, and real estate experience. When he’s not number crunching and building Valor Diamonds with the team, he loves spending time with his fiancé Amanda, hanging with family, kicking back with friends, going to church, golfing, running, and last but not certainly not least, playing fantasy football in the single greatest fantasy league the world has ever known, Party With Stan.